Where is WG’s logic with removing certain t10s and not granting a legacy version?

As a person that toughed through the object 263 grind, I don't understand why the decision was made the remove the tank (well it's t9 now) and replace it with quite possibly one of the most generic tank destroyers.

It's just baffling what this company does, stating that low play was the reason it was removed and that the community would enjoy the new tank that was added. Instead, we get another uber tanky TD with a high alpha gun.

The orginal 263 was unique and fun to play. It was a DPM machine with clear strengths and weaknesses. Now, the grind just feels dumb for having completed since I was going for a DPM machine tank and now I have a brawler TD with horrible DPM.

Thanks WG. I don't understand how you make your decisions, but your game has been dying a slow death for the past couple years, so I'm not that surprised.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/irde1q/where_is_wgs_logic_with_removing_certain_t10s_and/

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