Which German medium line for a player with 1.5k battles?

Already tried Soviet mediums up to the T-43 and I'm pretty bored of them so don't want them at all. I want to go full German for now (E100, Grille and a medium line) because I heard focusing a single nation can help with crews and what not.

I finally got the VK 30.02M which I find pretty damn fun, So I have 2 options here – E 50M line or Leo 1 line. Both playstyles seem to appeal to me, if I'm right that the Panther to E 50 are sniping support that can take some hits and ramming memes, and Leo 1 line are mobile paper snipers with excellent gun performance. If it helps you decide, I only intend to go up to tier 9 if I ever get there, because I'm a F2P player (got T26E5 for credits so XP is my bottleneck). I prefer an easier and more enjoyable grind throughout the whole line if it helps. Thanks! Feel free to recommend another nation's medium line to me, but at this point I'm done with Russian meds for now.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jqtir3/which_german_medium_line_for_a_player_with_15k/

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