WOT Asia How the fuck can I play?

https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/chy1kh/wot_asia_server_a_wonderland/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x As this man said 1 year ago, and because I have to back to China but I do not want suffer the sick version of Chinese server, so I decide to create a wot aisa account. Then, I face the same situation as the linked post shows, and I have no idea WTF can I do. Today I just have 30 battles with 4 wins, and the else are all turbo battle which ends in 3 mins. People die one by one quickly and you have no time to make damage.

Despite currently I still in Canada and I have 270 ping to HK ( I need to finish battle pass and berlin for 3 red equipments so I have to play 1000 battles now) I was thought that through tactics I can still working well. But…they all camping…camping…and camping. Every battle have TDs, sometime I facing 10 TDs each side and even there is low number of TD, other tanks will also camp.

I feel it is enough, I can not play this, those campers dont know how to play, if you attack, those low skill campers will shot their only fire in the entire game and kill you because you are the only people attack. If you camp with them, you will find that your camp-mates starts to push you out or go suicide because some reason you never get. Also, the matchmaking is always not even, you play a 277 with a 113 and your enemy is 279+cheiftain. What can you do?

I think asia team should really do something on their matchmaking system, or WG should do some speaical rule on asia server. Asia server is really lack of enjoy and I only can do 2200wn8 which is 3000 in NA. So, do anyone played in ASIA can share some tactics or method to fight more efficiency? I am really strugling on it. I trust that once I have good ping, it will be better (currently I even hard to control my tank) but the overall problem will still there, espacially if I play heavys.

To be honest, I love my NA account but I will become hard to play with time different and 200 lag.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gkqr1x/wot_asia_how_the_fuck_can_i_play/

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