WoT PC/Console merging soon?

Hey so I just had a chat with a friend who recently LEFT the console version of this game but does not own a gaming PC for the PC version. His reason for leaving is, like many others who are leaving the console version, a dissatisfaction with Wargaming's development decisions regarding the console iteration of the IP. The reasons mentioned are unanimously problems that are exclusive to the console port, and don't exist on the PC version of the IP.

And I have to ask:

Why does the console WoT team not consider making their version of the game compatible with/more like the PC team's version? Or simply re-port the vastly superior PC version while merging their unique tanks into our roster of tanks? Every time I see a major update for WoT console it seems they're drifting further and further away from having a successful product with poor design and thematic decisions (Hotwheels event, Girls Und Panzer event, etc.)

Meanwhile the PC version revels in overwhelmingly solid design and event choices (A fantastic Christmas/New Years event last year).

To me, this seems obvious. So why is this not being seriously considered?

And yes, I did post this on r/ WorldOfTanksConsole because I figured that should be the first place to put it since it impacts them the most, despite their dwindling and increasingly disgruntled community.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/m61dge/wot_pcconsole_merging_soon/

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