Would like a Knowledgeable opinion…


I am a returning player I have about 15k battles but have not played for a fair while. Totally out of it as far as the game goes.
I have 6 Girls Not yet recruited and the following vehicles unlocked ready to buy during the discount;

  1. Tiger I

  2. SPIC

  3. VK3001p

  4. VK3002d

  5. Panther II

  6. Skill book for ELC amx crew.

  7. Start the Japan Medium line….

I have enough spare XP to upgrade any of the above from stock.
I like mobile and nimble vehicles that are fun to play would also like to cause some damage, but I am open to suggestions.

Any recommendations folks? Thanks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ctx47x/would_like_a_knowledgeable_opinion/

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