Year 9- still no reasonable chat

2002 me and my friends (still being kids) played online.

ST-Armada, UT2003, CnCRenegade and whatnot. We all had our favorite.

Now, we only were dumb kids but we ran MIRC… and we ran Chatbots on those….

so you said a mean word a few too many times, you had a time out.

Simple enough, right?

… how comes wargaming cannot apply those, but rather sends (1hour per day) a red clown into chat, which wont resolve the issue, but only adds to the toxicity?

"The mod is gone! – HAHAH YOU ARE ALL ****"

We all read this or similar things. Its a joke. Even when he is on, he hardly does his job.

Let's do copy and paste:

iTamtum (19:14:45) If you have technical issue, i suggest you contact the Support team @Tank_Queen_Er , or even reporting a player

Xensation (19:14:52) lmao

capilann (19:15:03) this game play only IDIOTS an manage Demented Gm-s

Xensation (19:15:10) 😀

LESIPUSK4S (19:15:12) SUBWARSHOLDMYHAT your welcome…:)

Iforres1 (19:15:17) But we are happy idiots

jimmyjimmy123 (19:15:40) lord flashheart had his fake tier 7 skirmish removed so i guess you will too mr frosty

latko (19:15:41) Omg, why there is a team damage in this game… Second battle today when my "team mate" kills me without a reason

capilann (19:15:53) leave this primitiv bim vbum game and go try luck in ofiacila Eu server- or blade and soul

TheLordFlasheart (19:15:53) He'll get banned soon enough

MR_FR0STY (19:15:58) fine – let them i dont care

TheLordFlasheart (19:16:09) Teamkillers get auto banned

Kancsuka (19:16:13) this patch is terrible, RNG and MM worst than ever

TheLordFlasheart (19:16:19) Bye!

jimmyjimmy123 (19:16:26) they ganging up to ban me for telling truth

T10707891 (19:16:44) retard game

p to ban me for telling truth

T10707891 (19:16:44) retard game

FabrizioUed (19:16:46) no AIMBOT…no PARTY…:)

TomekDUCH (19:16:54) again fucked up MM

TheLordFlasheart (19:16:54) So you been running comparisons between patches of RNG and MM? Or you just whinining like everyone else?

MR_FR0STY (19:17:03) fake account because wg got a E75 from skirmish in tier 9 — Not my doing nor problem nor do i care lil jim now — fo (you can literally say anything, as long its before the mandatory 'warning' … time to insult some mothers!)

………….. etc.

AND THIS…. is a very harmless section. I came online to see the 'N' word copied 100 times in caps, just to hear some phrases of "Adolf", followed by death wishes and whatnot…… (we all did, don't we?)

And i hear you say "why open this chat at all?"

And i response: did you ever visit any other game? Overwatch, Eve Online… Renegade (2002!) … we did not have this kinda problem. Yes yes… people cursed sometimes, but not EVERY SECOND GUY… and not to such an extend… on every single day…

You LITERALLY could NOT and CANNOT curse to this extend in ANY other game without a bot pointing a finger at you and declaring 'you are done, son' and that's it. Auto ban kicks your butt faster then any human being could even read the first line.

Using moderators on a server (at time of writing) holding 84.000 people?

1 guy… overlooking 84.000! …………. pffffffff …. you funny. (not).

Long story short: toddlers with minecraft servers do a better job of moderating what COULD be a community.

M M O R P G… – roughly translates too = holding hands is more fun. More fun = staying customers.

Yes, community is money… perhaps this should sink into your bird brains… if nothing else gets ur butts up.

Oh and … "known issues: map spam" … i read that patchnote since 0.7 … made me laugh.

Not even PingSpam is something Wargaming can deal with… freaking… ping spam….

Shesh. A toddler could beat them up at this point and steal all their goddies.Makes me wonder when some boy hacker takes down WG.

They cant be that good at coding, given 'see above' makes them already look like mentally challenged :/


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