3950x 2080ti Maybe this will help someone performance issues

I was having tons of issues with stuttering forever, 70-90fps dropping 20-30 frames all the time making me dip under 60.

What worked for me was ddu, wiping drivers completely in safe mode, installing latest nvidia driver and making sure my ram was running at 3600 (somehow on a restart my bios dropped it down to 2133 and i just didnt notice it for a while)

I'm not using process lasso, I'm not doing any of the dozens of tweaks in nvidia control panel and I'm getting over 140fps, dropping to 120-110 whatever. I have only use physical cores checked. Here is a link to my settings. The only thing I did was turn nvidia control panel global settings for vsync to off (vsync enabled in game) to bypass the fps restriction. (even without this I was getting 120 though so if you don't want to bother fine)


Also do not have a chrome window open playing video at all. This is sort of obvious but the performance hit is huge when you are watching a stream while playing.

Either way my game is almost completely free of stutters and running better than it ever has

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i93lm0/3950x_2080ti_maybe_this_will_help_someone/

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