A message for all BEAR

You have been assigned one job and one job only: to eliminate the USEC from the Norvinsk region.

They have infiltrated, pillaged and usurped our precious homeland with no regard for anything but their capital gains. USECs are an enemy of the state and are to be treated as such. Your BEAR brethren are out there and will have your back. We have a bond that these capitalist dogs do not have and that must not be forgotten. In moments of desperation, do not forget your allegiance to BEAR. USEC will align themselves as they see fit in that moment, but BEAR holds itself to a higher standard. Be wary of the spineless nature in the western infiltrators. DO NOT COOPERATE WITH THESE CRIMINALS — they are no different than the local scavs yet think of themselves as better with their Johnny-come-lately dialect. We as BEAR have a duty to show them that their actions have consequences. We must not falter on this, because our duty as BEAR is a virtuous one unlike the misplaced USEC.

If this reaches any of the local scavs, consider yourself a friend of BEAR before a friend of USEC. USEC are why your life has been uprooted. USEC are why you go hungry more often than not. USEC are why your friends are dead and not coming back. We must weed these criminals out of our country.

BEAR is life, brothers. We must not forget that!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/om74qa/a_message_for_all_bear/

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