Audio “Fix” improvements

I read tons of post regarding audio problems, even tho I've never experienced any issues we all know vertical audio in tarkov is just plain bad.

Some of the things that might help you boost and improve your audio quality are the following.

-Make sure to disable any other audio source or device that's not your "default audio device". Do it through Sound Crontol panel, right click on the sources and select disable.

-If you are using 3.5 jack headphones I would advice to download Realtek HD Audio Manager. Once installed, open the software and select your input, select headphones and finally slect sound effect "Powerful“.

-Disable 7.1 and use only stereo, select a sample rate of 24bit, 48000 Hz for your device. This can be done in Sound Control Manager.

-Download any fidelity boost audio software, the one I personally use it's Calle FXSound 2. You can download it and try it for free for 60 minutes. Then it's 9.99 / year, definitely worth it. Pretty straight forward to use and it provides really good boost.

-In Game audio settings, make sure to check binaural sound.

Hope that's helps a little bit.


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