Battle axe

Axes are the hallmark of the Vikings, I love that, which is why I am writing this post.

I would like to ask for a rework of the two-handed battle ax. Now it is too big visually, and you can wave it a little faster. This is just my opinion, you may disagree.

I would like it to be slightly reduced in size. The two-handed ax can be smaller. Its low speed makes it not the most competitive.

I think he's a little cartoonish now.

Also, I think it would be great to change the stance with this ax. It would look cooler if the character was holding it on his shoulder like a pickaxe. Not like he's holding a guitar.

And one more detail. This game is primarily a co-op game, so there is no need to resort to serious combat balance. At least for now. I'm talking about the sword being the best weapon right now. But, for example, I like the ax better. One-handed. But the sword has a blow on the third mouse button, and the ax does not. I think one-handed axes can be added to the overhead strike.


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