Battletested distancechart for m61 in m1a, m700 and dvl with Vudu scope (Version 3)

Hey everyone,

I have a new version of my distance chart. It is updated from the last version and battletested with m61 ammo loaded into M1A, DVL and M700.

Tested with m61 – m700 / dvl / m1a

IMGUR link:

How to use: Put it on a second monitor or print it. I recommend to start with the "standing" heights and always measure in the same way as shown in the chart – from the bottom of the sight to the top. This way you will get used to the values and the measurement procedure. After some raids you will be able to zero without looking at the chart.

To be able to zero asap I bound zeroing to CTRL + Mousewheel. I never zero to 50. I am always starting at 100.

I hope you have some fun with this, even if it is very specific for the vudu combined with m61 and the given weapons.


PS: Post of version 2 ->


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