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Morning warriors.

I'm a freelance software developer and I've recently began working on a Valheim crafting app. I originally planned to only create it, put it on Github and then move on. However its taking significantly more effort than I anticipated originally so now I'm toying with the idea of releasing the app as well. it would mainly be a companion app that you could look up the item you were gathering materials to craft, when you click the item you're looking for it will display the needed materials to craft that item along with a few description points and location hints. I was thinking of adding a few more features as well but haven't gotten that far yet. (Compiling the data from the wiki is proving fickle.. LOL.) Regardless, let me know if you are interested. I also plan on releasing it free to use, and will try to not place ads (well see how much it costs me to release and maintain). Thank you for your time.

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