Doubling FPS By Using Process Lasso For My Threadripper

After struggling to get more than 60-70FPS on any map with my higher end system (specs below), I decided to give the app Process Lasso ( ) a shot to limit my cores. To my amazement, Shoreline went from 55 – 95 avg frames, and Factory now sits at 110 avg. More importantly, when ADS'ing with a scope my frames have doubled from 30s to 60's.

It appears that the "use only logical cores" option in 0.12 has no effect on Threadrippers (mine at least) as disabling and re-enabling makes no difference.

I confirmed that this was an issue when I tried disabling SMT in the bios and saw a dramatic performance increase. Unfortunately this killed my ability to stream from my single PC setup as the processor would sit at 95-100% with medium preset encoding in OBS.

After testing all core configurations I found that only having 0-4 enabled was optimal, running with 5 physical cores focusing on EscapeFromTarkov.exe. WARNING: Do not just select disable SMT in Process Lasso. This only disabled every 2nd thread and made no difference at all in performance. You must select from the first half of the threads listed.

My system specs:
1950x Threadripper (OC to 3.9Ghz)
64gb 3200mhz

This may apply to other high core CPU's as well, so let me know if it helps out others as well, and I hope that EFT is able to do something about this with the logical cores option.


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  • Moirayne 29.01.2020 in 14:03

    I read several guides and watched guide videos. All of the stuff i did to get more FPS in EFT didnt do anything for my RYZEN 3600x.

    But only enabling 0-4 did it for me. FPS more stable + FPS increase by 20-30 on reserve.


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