Early Wipe Kit #1

Now that we know the rough date of the wipe I decided to put together what i'm going to use early in the wipe.

his is based on the Vityaz you can get from Prapor LVL1 for 5 T-Plugs. The EKP-8 Cobra sight can also be obtained from Prapor for ~8k. The shade is optional. I'd bring 3 mags +1 in the gun loaded with PST gzh and 100 bullets as a reserve.

The Flowerpot has the best protection-for-price-ratio out of all helmets. It's only ~17k and can stop/bounce some pretty hard hitting rounds sometimes.

These are arguably the wort headsets you can get and they know horrible, i know, i know, but it's better than not having any. And they are only ~13k.

A bit harder to obtain, but the protection makes it worth it. 4 TP and 3 Soaps can get you a lvl 4 body armor that can stop everything short of a hunter or a mosin.

If the Uley is too expensive for you a Combination of PACA and Bank Robber rig can keep you safe from scavs. The rig is only ~8k

The PACA will mostlikely protect you from 9mm rounds and shotgun pellets, but don't expect it to work wonders. You can get it from Ragman lvl 1 for ~20k

You can only buy Slings from Ragman lvl 1 but they can also spawn on scavs.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/g9jypa/early_wipe_kit_1/

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