Economic ADAR for poor big boys, 45k rub (+ 40k rub for attackments)

Hey escapees,

So I've been pretty successful while running this build on my recent Interchange/Customs/Shoreline runs and my friends wanted me to share, so I though you guys might also appreciate.

Full Adar Build

The base of this build is the rec. bat. trade from Skier which nets you a basic adar to start tinkering on.

14k for the Rec. Bat.

From the base ADAR we will keep only 3 or 4 basic parts:

  • Lower
  • Barrel
  • Upper
  • Charging Handle

Then we will need to buy the rest from traders and/or flea market.These are the basic components in order to get the gun to work:

  • Stock: Troy M7A1 PWD – 5739 rub from Mechanic
  • Gas block: MK12 Low Profile gas block – 4974 rub from Mechanic
  • Handguard: Mapull MOE SL mid length – 11988 rub from Skier
  • Pistol grip: Stark AR Rifle grip – 44 USD from Mechanic, ~5000 rub in flea

This adds up to a minimum of ~43000 rub for a functional weapon.

Personally I like to add the fortis grip and an ACOG with the top-mounted sight, but you could install whatever suits you. Note that this build does not allow the use of the 45º side sight, you will need to spend an extra 5-7k rub on the Stngr Vypr foregrip to get the top picattiny rails, and you lose 2 ergo.

With those mods we can add this to the shopping list:

  • Optic mount: Compact mount Mount for sights – 1080 rub from Skier
  • Trijicon Acog (whatever is cheapest) – 17-20k from flea
  • Trijicon RMR mount for ACOG scopes – 62 USD from Peacekeeper
  • Trijicon RMR – 142 USD from Peackeeper
  • Magpull M-LOK 4.1 inch guide – 1636 rub from Mechanic
  • Fortis Shift tactical grip – ~15000 rub from flea market

The mods add up to aprox another 40-45k rub just on the attackments. Feel free to get cheaper ones or whichever of them fit your needs!

In total you will be spending around 90k rub and you will get a really effective gun. I'm loving the semi-auto nature of the ADAR. In mid range fights It really pays out as it helps you control where you're placing your shots. In close range you can still spam the fire button.


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