For those planning on running naked SKS’s next patch, try the Vepr KM VPO (7.62×39) instead.

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I used to do some naked loot runs with just the bare minimum 14k rubles SKS and a backpack. However I recently thought of a better alternative for both price and performance. I don't know what the buying prices for these guns will be next wipe, so I will take the trader sell price into consideration. For the SKS and the VPO, those are practically the same. So if you wanted to sell the VPO and keep the SKS, I suggest you do the other way around.

With some very cheap mods, you can make a better "naked SKS" with a VPO.


Spike tactical dynacomp2.7kmechanic lvl 1
AK recoil pad3.4kprapor lvl 2
30-round 7.62×39 magazine2kprapor lvl 2


Advantages for the VPO:

  • Recoil on the VPO is much better than SKS after a measly 6.1k investment
  • Magazines are considerably cheaper. You get 30 rounders for 2k. SKS 30 rounders are ~17k and require high trader level
  • Iron sights on VPO are nicer (my personal preference).
  • easy to put a sight or scope on the VPO if you want to. Either with the TT0 iron sight adaptor or a railed dust cover.


So if you find yourself counting pennies next wipe, maybe try the VPO as a super cheap semi auto 7.62 rifle. I suggest using PS or BS ammo, depending on the stage of the wipe and your cashflow.


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