For those who don’t know…

Among Us has hidden features in the game. One of those is a flipped version of Skeld. To simply get it, change the date of your device to April 1st, 2020. Then host a game, and you should have a flipped Skeld. This only works for Skeld.

There are also Halloween-styled maps. By changing your date to October 31st of 2020, you will play on a Halloween-styled map. Not only that, you will get all Halloween hats.

You can also get Christmas hats by switching your date to the 25th.

-Now from here on out, this is for PC users only, as far as I know.

Go into [File Explorer] and put this in your search bar.

(%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalLowInnerslothAmong Us)

WITHOUT THE PARATHENSIS. Then you should see a couple of files and Text Documents. Look for [playerPrefs], click it, and choose to open it with [Notepad]. Then you should see this

PlayerName,1,3 (Player Color),1,False,False,False,0,False,False,3 (Player's Hat),120(Music Volume),118 (SFX Volume),1,0,7(Skin),2(Pet),False,0,True,0,1

This link shows a visual representation of what I mean:

By changing a Value here it changes it in the game.
(Player Color)
0 = Red, 1 = Blue, 2 = Green, 3 = Pink, 4 = Orange, 5 = Yellow, 6 = Black, 7= White, 8 = Purple, 9 = Brown, 10 = Cyan, 11 = Lime

(Hats)This link provides the ID's of hats ( )

(Skins)This link provides the ID's of skins ( )

(Pets)This link provides the ID's of pets ( )

[Note: From what I tested it's only a visual change.]

This is an Among Us Editor which edits Among Us 'files' would recommend joining their Discord server, which isn't mine, to keep up to date with the editor. Not only that NONE of them want to create cheats they only wanna make an editor. Not only that it lets you connect to to play games that exclusive to that server like Zombie or Cops and Robbers. They also let you change things like Host Settings which allow for some VERY unique games like Super Speed or no-kill cool down for imposters. They also let you allow to edit your stats which, eh. You can also play on Custom servers!


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