Game Fixes Community Collection (30/11/19)

There are a few different ways that I know and I am going to make a small guide for you.


  1. Launching the game from the EscapeFromTarkov.exe directly. It helps but not for everyone. You can also try to run it in Admin mode.
  2. After you launch the game go to settings and just save them. Don't change just save them. For no reason at all this might help you.
  3. Deactivating HDR, Chromatic Aberration, Noise could give you a few FPS.
  4. Anisotropic Filtering does not cost performance, let it on. Same for SSAA, SSR, SSAO.
  5. LOD quality has to be set to 2.
  6. Set Shadows and Textures on MEDIUM because on LOW they can take some FPS.
  7. Overall visibility may be from 500 to 2000. You might never need more than 2000 unless you play on a really big screen with 8k quality.
  8. Use native resolution. By that I mean check if your game actually chooses the right one especially if you have Nvidia GPU.
  9. Play in FULLSCREEN mode. Not the windowed without borders. (especially if you use 144Mhz screen) (THE FULLSCREEN I SAID)
  10. Use VSync if you use a 144MHz screen. If your screen is 59/60MHz you might not need it but it really helps to have a less fractured picture after all. (if you have Nvidia Panel you better turn off VSync there BUT still turn on the VSync in the game.)
  11. The less stuff going on on the background the better will be the performance. (By that I mean that you have to close the 42 pages of hentai on your chrome.)
  12. Don't use anything but STEREO SOUND on your PC if you want to hear better. Here's explanation.(Unless you wanna suffer.)
  13. Turn off overlays (Discord, Overwolf, Nvidia, etc.).
  14. I do not recommend but you can try to run the game in compatibility with windows 7. Might even work.
  15. Try to give your EscapeFromTarkov.exe a green light in your Antivirus. (They always try to ruin my life.)


1.DPI fix. In compatibility settings of EscapeFromTarkov.exe, you have to turn DPI settings to "Override high DPI scaling behavior". Here is the full guide:

  • Go into your Escape from Tarkov folder
  • Head into EFT, right-click EscapeFromTarkov.exe
  • Select properties
  • Navigate to compatibility
  • Check "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and select application in the drop-down below
  • Hit "OK"

    +5-20 FPS.

2.Game mode fix (Windows 10 only). Search for game mode. Turn it off. This fix may or may not work. There are also other "gaming" features that you might want to turn off in your "GaMiNg" Windows 10 settings.

    +5-10 FPS.
  1. Nvidia settings should be all set to native for the game unless you are testing specific things. GeForce Experience works much better when you turn off Overlay.

4.Hyperthreading fix. Developers said that you can turn it off in settings but it doesn't seem to work. There is a way to go around. You will need to create the BAT file. You do it by creating a TXT file and renaming it after.


START "" "F:GamesBattlestate GamesBsgLauncherBsgLauncher.exe"

TASKLIST | FIND /I "EscapeFromTarkov.exe"

PowerShell "$Process = Get-Process EscapeFromTarkov; $Process.ProcessorAffinity=85; $Process.PriorityClass=[System.Diagnostics.ProcessPriorityClass]::AboveNormal;"

The original code is from here:

trecuu's fix for coding

Takeadenzo's original guide

Sources I used other than what I already knew:

I hope all these things helped you. If you want to add to the post or contact me, feel free to hit my PM. Most of the fixes are not mine so consider liking videos and posts I've linked.

P.S. I hope it will help you And3rsoN99.

P.S.S Extra trick. Drop your helmet and armor at the start of the game because it might not work. Then pick it up and it's done.


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