Here’s a guide for “The Guide” quest from peacekeeper

Wanted to tag this as humor.

If you are OCE stop reading immediately you're fucked.

I ended up just having to lay down in a Bush near my spawn on every map and wait until there was 5 minutes left.

The good news is I finished all of Rick and morty so that's nice. Was worth it.

Would just like to add before I start. Without complete understanding of spawns and map knowledge this quest is already extremely difficult. Add the bad servers and cheaters into the mix and this shit is something you will be talking to your therapist about.

Labs: was a shitshow for the most part I found an area to hide in and stayed there until it was around 7 minutes looted a little and got out. This was my first map obviously because of the highest chance of death. Word to the wise do NOT bring in anything of value that a cheater may want.

Factory: well this map you just kill a scav loot it and immediately leave with the factory key. However my run where I finished this quest didnt go that way.
My ass got rushed by a team of three in my spawn. I ended up killing them all plus about 2 scavs.

Reserve: Pray you spawn in a good spot. If you dont spawn in a good spot such as the rb-vo marked room corner immediately hide in the closest Bush and dont move a muscle and pray no one sees you. Or you can take your chances and run towards the two bunkers and hope the person up there is a hachetling or someone with terrible aim. Bring a paracord and a red rebel and kill a scav. Proceed to dome and hope there isn't a team of 4-5 camping it with long range rifles. If you dont have a red rebel. Goodluck I dont know what to tell you.

Customs: Wear an altyn and a zhuk or a slick with a thermal, there is mostly new players on this map and cant pen the armor quick enough. Avoid dorms like covid-19 Or lay in a bush till 5 minutes pop a labs stim and run to extract.

Shoreline: bush till 10 minutes. Walk to extract. Avoid the gas station, the scavs that spawn there are literally on cocaine for some reason sometimes and will destroy you.

Interchange: Same as shoreline pay attention to your spawn if you spawn near an extract just lay down and wait 10 minutes.

Woods: bring a thermal. Find a good spot where people cant see you with a thermal. Lay down and wait as long as you see fit… preferably really late game 5 minutes remaining or so wear an altyn.

That's just my two cents about this quest.


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