How i fixed my problem with low FPS, drops and stutter.

Hello everyone,

In this post i go to explain how i fix (at the momento) my problema with the low FPS + Stutters.

First of all, sorry for my english, usually is bad, but now on my country is 4:40 am, so now is worst xD.

My computer:

– Ryzen 5 3600

– RTX 2060 Super

– 16GB RAM 2400mhz (2×8)

– SSD for S.O

– HDD for Games <- EFT is installed here

This last weeks i get about 60-70 on all the maps (sometimes more sometimes les, but always fps drops). Bored of this, i stoped play and start to tweaks some things.

Now i go to explain all the steps i followed to fix the drops, gain stability and some extra fps:

1 – Check on the manual of my RAMs the latency and timmings, and now with CPU-Z check the currents. In my case the latencies were misconfigured so I went to BIOS and adjusted the latencies. With this you will gain stability and speed not only in the game, but in the entire system.

2 – Uninstall the game deleting the folder that contain the game, in my case, in the HDD for games.

3 – Remove the “Escape from tarkov” folder on the documents folder.

4 – Reinstall the GPU Drivers with DDU.

5 – Check the Windows integrity with the DISM command (you can find a lot of videos and tutorials on webs and youtube videos).

6 – Clear cache via launcher and install again the game.

Fixed. Now i get a constant frame rate about the 90-120 FPS (locked to 75 for V-SYNC), sometimes more sometimes les, but now i havent fps drops (at the moment).

Unfortunately, I didn't take before and after screenshots because I didn't plan on doing this post. I hope that if it is useful to you, you will say so in the comments, and if you have any questions or problems as well.

Have a good day on Tarkov }:)

PD: My graphics


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