How to bypass the locked sign in on BSG Launcher.

So I've been bouncing around between my account and my wife's account trying to level her to 20. Obviously I've been signing in and out a lot lately. I have my flashlight and laser bound to caps lock so my stupid ass keeps leaving caps lock on so when I type our password I keep messing up. Usually I get a minute or 2 minute lockout and then try again. Well today I failed and got a whole whopping 12 hour ban…. Yes a literal fucking 12 hour ban. Don't get me wrong BSG is better than some devs out there, especially for being a small team. However the whole locked out idea should be a last resort. It's incredibly stupid and is more than frustrating considering I've dumped over $200 between mine and my wife's account to play their game and support them. I have an idea. How about two step authetication? Or maybe email confirmation? Anything but locking someone out over a singular failed attempt.

Enough venting. If you own a VPN of any kind simply close the launcher, then connect to your chosen VPN, open the launcher back up and sign in, then disconnect from your VPN before hitting play. You have now bypassed their failed system.


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