How to increase strength easily (At least 50 pts at once)

  1. Lift the weight over 65% of the limit. Military batteries or a lot of shotgun bullets are helpful. Approx. 50 kg or more.
  2. Use a syringes that boosts strength and stamina. things like cocktail ,melatonin,SJ1,SJ6,L1. Use all syringes when the raid begins, and do not move until the stamina is full.
  3. Now run without stopping. The important thing is never to stop until stamina runs out. Doing so will increase your strength skill by 50-100 points. Because the skill-raising is made at the moment when running stops.If you run for a long time and then stop, the distance you have been running will be applied to the skill increase at once. Be aware, If you stop without running enough, you only get 3~5 skill points. Do not stop and run until the stamina runs out. When all stamina is used up and stopped, the Strength is increased by 50~100 points.


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