How to ***PROPERLY*** uncap FPS

Most tutorials just say "eNaBlE vSyNc" but this doesn't work for most things in the game.

  1. This requires Cheat Engine.

  2. Go to File > Open Process.

  3. Double click Among Us.

  4. Change Value type to Float.

  5. Scan for 0.0333333

  6. Select the first 3 values, and right click them.

  7. Choose Change value of selected address(es).

  8. To calculate the needed value, enter your desired framerate here.

Now take that value you got and append it to 0.0. For example, for 60FPS, you would enter 0.0167, and press OK. If it didn't work try changing more values.

Note: Screen shake amount is dependent on framerate, presumably due to spaghetti code.


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