To All New Players! (and the extended learners)

The best advice I can give you without sending you to a long series of tutorial vids and a super long tutorial thread is to tell you to play with a friend at the same level.

  • I recommend the Official Tarkov Discord – In the LFG channel, Write that you are new, your lvl, your Region, and what kinda co-op buddy you're looking for!
  • If you play with Chads all the time you get carried and never learn how to win a firefight, or even be the first to the good loot spots. They will give good advice but you will eventually have to put it into practice.
  • Find yourself a teammate around the same level and experience as you, Make sure you guys have a matching personality because the best thing is to level up with a couple of Bros,, and have each other's backs in encounters. Though you need to be aware that you two or more are only learning and dumb mistakes will happen!

My little tips- Re-bind grenade button to be a double click, There is peakers advantage in the game – Use it, After every death – visualize how you could have done better AND visualize how you could counter your better attack. – Make friends with a Chad, don't rely on him for a carry or to play with you all the time, He may like to teach but may unintentionally be overwhelming with his speed, pushes, and general absolute badassery!


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