How to save your ears and see better in the dark in Tarkov

Hello there. Ill be explaining how I configure my audio settings to prevent hearing damage, but still hear important information like soft footsteps. A lot of people dont know that your hearing does not heal when damaged, and unchecked damage will leave you hearing everything muffled in your later years, as well as causing permanent ringing.

Ill also explain how I configure my graphical settings so i can see better in darker environments.

The stock audio of the game has too much decibel range. The louds are very loud, and the softs are very soft. This can be bad because you need to hear the soft sounds for obvious reasons.

What I did was (and you can use your equalizer of choice, doesnt have to be this one, but this one was free) Peace equalizer. When you mess with the slider that says "Pre-amplification" what it does is that it amplifies the frequencies that are less strong (footsteps), and cuts down on the amplitude of the frequencies that are more strong (gunshots). This means footsteps are easier to hear, and gunshots do not blow out your ears anymore. I set my pre-amplification to +11 db. It will be a slider on the top region of Peace if you choose to use it.

I have an NVIDIA graphics card. The stock graphics of the game make some dark regions near impossible to see in. You fix this by increasing the Gamma of your graphics. The way to do this is by going to your home screen, right click the desktop, click on NVIDIA control panel. On the left menu, there should be a blue text that says "Adjust desktop color settings". Use NVIDIA settings and increase your Gamma, along with fiddling with the PostFX in Tarkov at the same time in a dark place (you can do it in offline mode). The issue with being able to see better in the dark, however, is that flashlights are pretty devastating when used against you. I find that the benefits of seeing better in the dark outweigh the cost of being more vulnerable to flashlights.

Have a good one.


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