How to use Nvidia Filters with a AMD graphic card / make eft more colorful.

Quick response, you can't.

But luckily there's other programs that you can use, no matter wich gpu you have.

First, a brief explanation: There's a lot of diversity in the gaming community between each player and the hability of each one to process information trough our senses. In my case, I have daltonism aka colorblindness, dichromatic protonatopy.

The thing is, I can't fucking see differences among the color brown, green and red, unless they are very saturated. So you can imagine how shitty is to play videogames in general where you have to spot enemies in a woods or a green field or nature in general.

And eft has a lot of areas with that, and isn't very colorful by default tho.

(If you want to know if you have daltonism, there are lots of tests online, here's one: )

Trying to improve this situation and make Escape from tarkov a little more colorful, I saw the Nvidia filters and tried to replicate them with the Radeon software settings, but it wasn't working properly, and then I found a free software, called "Vibrance Gui", that gave me the color vibrance I needed to actually see something.

Is very simple and easy to use!

I don't know who has develop this software, but if you feel like to, you can support the creator via paypal.

P.S: I am not trying to open a debate about wether this can be used or not as a significant advantage for other players, just trying to help others with this type of disability. English isn't my first language, is there's something misspelled tell me and I will correct it.


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  • pwpvumwcso 12.03.2021 in 23:41

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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