I spent the time to level Strength to 51 Elite Level, Here is the Info



Because Strength.


Now onto the info, What does it do?


At Elite Level, Strength gives 30% Extra movement speed, to all movement speeds. Even if you are sneaking you are 30% Faster.

30% Extra Jump height, the ability to get to sneaky spots and jump over larger stuff and fences.


30% Throw Distance for nades.


30% Increased Melee Strike Power and at Elite level, 50% chance to Critical hit with a Melee weapon.


And the Guns on your back and your Sling is not counted towards your weight. (we'll get to this later)

The Maximum Weight increases to 97kg, at this rate you will almost never be overweight, regardless of what armor you are wearing.

However, I did some testing.

Using Stims, The Adrenaline stim (+10 STR) and the Combat Lab Stim (+20 STR), Using either of these is irrelevant because the Absolute maximum amount of levels you can get is 60, even if you stack both of the stims, so 36% Speed/Jump etc. Same for Endurance.

Now Regarding the Elite Weight Perk, I do not believe it works(the way its intended), Because equipping heavy items in my backpack still increases my weight, Regardless I almost always under 70% Weight capacity due to the absurd amount of weight I can carry and run at full speed.


Heres the test i have done: I put a bunch of weight in my backpack to get me to be Critically Overweight, so 108 kg.

The Elite perk states that the Sling will not be counted, however it does. The Weird thing is… My Helmet, Weapon did not count towards the weight.


So I am not sure what is going on. But heres how it actually works:


The only weight that actually counts is your Rig, Your Backpack and your Container. Everything else is basically weightless, Including Armor, Headset, Both Weapon slots and the Melee Slot. In short, everything on the left doesn't count, everything on the right does.



So BSG Somehow Mixed them up or the Information is wrong.

Either way, this is actually better than what the Elite perk describes, the only thing that COUNTS is your Backpack, Your Rig and your Container. so the Elite perk is even better than it says.


Is it worth to level strength?


If you want to be at Maximum Possible armor and be a Human train that runs like Usain Bolt, Yes.


How? Whats the fastest/Cheapest way to do it?

Put a Tank Battery into your Epsilon/Kappa container and just sprint and then extract/die. It takes aprox 1 hour to level 1 level of Strength. Do not attempt this without an Air Filtering Unit.


Hope this info Helps you and BSG, Because The Elite Perk Description is weird.


Tl;dr: Strength Max is 60 with Stims, Elite Perk is worded wrong, The only thing that counts towards your weight is Backpack, Rig and Container. 30% movement to all speeds, Worth? Yes.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/j19yq5/i_spent_the_time_to_level_strength_to_51_elite/

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