Ideas for updates

Just putting out all ideas.

There could be:

-Spawnable mounts, or Eikthyr could be used as a mount after defeating it, or there could be a craftable saddle made to use Lox as a mount;


-Npcs with quests/npcs that show closest crypt/chamber/fuling village on map, or any other future structure;

-Npc that sells unique weapons;

-Dual wielding weapons;

-New weapon types, like spear that comes back to u after u throw it;


-Making items like feathers buyable from Haldor;

-Underwater world, or small islands all over ocean biome with new mobs on them;

-Unlocking flying at some point, being able to call Valkyrie to fly;

-Defeating bosses could unlock portals to different realm;

-God weapons/god powers/ god buffs, u could find shrines all over the world and interacting with them would give u some passive effect;

-Weapon enchantments, they would either add some mini ability instead of special attack or add like poison/fire/frost/spirit/lightning damage to weapon;

Basically game needs more options and different builds when it comes to gear.


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