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Hello PMC´s,

as everyone I´m hyped for the new patch release and wanted to prepare myself for it.

So usually I have pictures of every map where i have put important keys in it. After i got one i cross the key out to keep track of it. But everytime i forget to save a copy of the original file so i have to creat it every time again. So I was thinking about a let´s call it "Interactive key" map/sheet/website where you can just cross our the keys you have and find on the way to the top. I searched on the internet and on reddit, but i couldn´t find what i want. So i started to creat my own one on excel (tried it with google docs but i couldn´t get it to work).

Short explaination what it does:

– Keep track of every key you farm

Choose yes or no

(Keyspawns Shoreline) If you choose yes the Key is automatically crossed out

– Key spawns located on every map


– See what loot is behind the keys

  • list of spawns from the Room you can get in

– Keys are linked with the wiki page

  • press on a key name and the wiki page for the key is opening

– Keys are linked to map where you can farm them

  • press on a key picture and it jumps to the right map where you can fidn the key

I hope a few of you guys will find the sheet helpfull 🙂

If you have anyquestions or sugestions feel free to ask.

excel sheet download


Special thanks to:

Herr# for helping me.

Weekey94 for his well made pdf key sheet, feel free to drop by and say hello on his channel:

Original post, Original sheet

Tarkov wiki

Every map creator:

Maksen and stealtheh: Shorline

stealtheh: Factory

Roflwoffl: Customs

Lorathor: Interchange


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