IRL pre-wipe list for all devoted TARKOV players

Hi guys as an experienced Tarkov player, I have created an IRL pre-wipe list for all devoted players to follow.

Some of these steps may not be relevant to your situation, if so then move to the next. If none are relevant then congratulations, your already an esteemed member of our TARKOV community.

Step 1 – Distractions

Wife's, Sexual Partners, Children, Jobs and other commitments can be major distractions from the game. Quit your job, quickly file for divorce and allow your wife/partner full custody of your children. Pets can also be a distraction but thankfully it is legal to have them euthanized at any local vet. Once these steps are complete it is important you cut ties with all other possible commitments, The simplest way of achieving this is to destroy any devices and pathways that former acquaintances, lawyers or government organizations may use to contact you.

Step 2 – Finances

Now that you have no job and no worries/Hakuna Matata, Sell all your possessions that are not required for Tarkov and move back in with your parents. Once settled in tell your parents a small lie and convince them that your former wife/partner has hired a police hitman to murder you. Now you can play Tarkov assured that they will keep your location confidential, this also provides a solid reason for you to never leave the house for shopping and etc.

Step 3 – Environment

It is extremely important your parents have a stable internet provider, so organize that immediately. I find its best to play in a dark area with little to no external sound or light, a basement is advised but if that's unavaliable then use paint to blackout any windows and silicone to seal any cracks. Purchase online a camping toilet for your gaming room and organize a personal fridge that is reachable from your computer chair.


If my steps were followed correctly, that means you are now a ghost, a shadow in the night and ready to reach your full Tarkov potential this wipe and possibly many wipes to come.


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