PSA: Frontline mode is broken when you swarm the enemy with light tanks.

So I've been playing Frontline mode for the first time ever, which was fun. Props to WG for this mode.

Anyway, last game I teamed up with nearly half my team in wheeled and light tanks (and some fast mediums).

The enemy was defenseless as we sweeped the map from west to east followed by the first 3 objectives we could find. There was no stopping apart from the repair zones which were just large enough for ~15 tanks.

Capture, wreck tanks in the next zone, repeat.
The absolute meta in Frontline. I mean, the poor guys stood no chance and the game was over in what felt like barely 10 minutes.

Just look at the difference in ranks in the post-battle statistics:

Surely this is an anomaly as normally players don't tend to team up (especially in WoT lol). But it's something I felt like I needed to share.


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