Knife as self-defense weapon used when unarmed

Idea is that knife, not bare hand, should be automatically used if main weapon on back. This would give knife use as last resort weapon and improve immersion by preventing re-arming in the middle of fight.

This can be achieved by both having separate slot for self defense knife or just choosing first knife available in inventory.

When judging this proposal, think about following use cases:

* During hunting, if you miss with bow and boar is charging on you, you just put bow on back and defend yourself with knife – much more immersive than e.g. taking Ategir out of nowhere.

* If you run relentlessly through Schwarzwald and got hit by group of resin deliverers, your faithful knife should be with you, no need to rearm in the middle of fight

* When in Plains and see approaching Deathsquito, tough guys cut fast with knife, no need to reach back for shield and axe

* Knife should be also used in water, especially because enemies uses heavy attacks in water, so we need some balance

One of most immersive things I met in gaming, was when I noticed in Firefly's Stronghold archers takes their knives out when fighting face-to-face. It was great that developers broke a stereotype of ranged units shooting "in da face" and addressed rather obvious fact, that most warriors were not narrowly specialized but have more then one weapon.

I expect that stretching the bow should be interrupted by any hit, making use of bow unpractical in CQB. So I hope that also here I could see both a Player and Draugr hiding bow and taking knife out, if enemy too close.

So this all should give more love to knife, that is currently somewhat sidelined weapon and frequently ditched to save space in inventory. Also this could address fact that strength of bare hand is not upgraded making it useless with time, while knifes are better and better.


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