LARP Loadout Part 2: Zaslon SVR, Russia’s “imaginary” Special Operations unit

Zaslon SVR is an officially denied Special Forces unit of the Russian Federation attached to the SVR, the foreign espionage successor to the Soviet Union's GRU. Zaslon members are seen mostly operating out of Russian Embassies in high risk locations, almost entirely in the Middle East. Zaslon unlike other units in the Russian army often are seen using the 5.56x45mm and 7.62×39 AK-100 series, most likely because both ammo types are more common than 5.45×39 in the regions where Zaslon operates. Here's an article from Grey Dynamics on the unit:

Now, your kit:

For helmets, Zaslon are seen using imported black Fast MT's, however the Lzh LT is a suitable and cheaper substitute

Your armor choices are either the Fort Defender 2 or the Infamous "Slick" plate carrier, this is more a question of preference and budget. Your rig could be either an Alpha or Triton, and if you want a bag, any green backpack between the MBSS and Trizip is advised.

For Weapons:

AK-104 w/

RP-1, no reason not to use it

B-10M-19 handguard

Magpul AFG Black Foregrip

Molot Drum Magazine

JMAC 7.62×39 Muzzle Break

B-33 rail

XPS- series Holographic Sight

RK-3 Pistol Grip

PT-3 Stock


AK-101 w/


B-10M-19 Handguard

RK-5 Foregrip

RK-3 Pistol Grip

Your choice of stock, most "authentic" would be the base stock with buttpad or a PT-1

Any Magazine

JMAC or SRVV 5.54×39 Muzzle Break

B-33 Rail

Xps-series Holographic Sight

Optional Tactical Device such as lights or lasers

The AK-104 and AK-101 pictured below


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