mod content/feature idea- Iron furnishing that holds heated rocks to heat bedrooms that are a bit further from a fire

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It could be like a little iron standing cage/basket type deal that would give a slightly smaller radius of warmth like a fire, but that only applies to sleeping in beds (not preventing spawns or anything like that). It could be placed within some radius of any fire and just basically act like a wi-fi signal booster sort of… just repeating the original fire's warmth in its own radius, and would allow you to have bedrooms that were a little further down a hall or something from your main hearth/fire in a building. it would be like how you bring really hot heated rocks into a sauna, except minus pouring water over them for steam.

the idea would be that like, SOMEBODY could place a heated rock in it before bed, and it would keep your room warm while you slept. nobody would ACTUALLY have to place items in it, but it would sort of be implied that that's how it works in theory. It would just be a nice way to add some decoration to bedrooms, and not require you to have fires in weird places if you don't want to. it would only work so long as the fire that it's within the original radius of is lit, and its own radius would be pretty small.


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