Mod question (water blocks and smoke vfx?)

Is Valheim coming

Is there a mod that lets you place water? Like in blocks? And is it possible to spawn in smoke? I'm building a dungeon and want both smoke and pools of water. It would also be nice with water blocks to build a pool for a spa where there is no water, e.g. in the mountains. There's a hot tub in the game so I bet it wouldn't be that hard to create. This game is really missing "placeable" effects.

I know you can spawn in vfx prefabs but there's no way of removing them later and there's no smoke or water. The closest I could find to smoke was the swamp mist.


Unless someone answers within a few days I will make this myself, I'm starting today but I haven't done any coding for years beside HTML and CSS so this will take me forever. If possible I will try to just edit the hot tub and remove everything but the water.

I'll probably have no hair left on my head when I'm done.


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