More beam/wall/etc. piece lengths?

Given we can angle horizontal pieces on multiples of 22.5°, does anyone else really feel the need for more options for all length pieces of √2 and 2√2 (for the 45° angles), and .765 and 1.848 (for the 22.5° angles)?

I realize you can clip things together, but (1) given where the graphics are now lots of clipped pieces are really jarring in appearance, and (2) for roofs especially that gets really hairy when you've built anything other than right angled structures, and the game is quick to sense any little gap when the roof pieces don't snap to each other and take away your sheltered tag even when the roof looks flush.

And it wouldn't need to be a really over-cluttered piece menu, just like a secondary option so if I select the regular full wall piece, for instance, I can hit a key to cycle between various lengths to get the one I need for the foundation to fit right.


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