Now is the time if you wanna play EFT in Singleplayer

Thought I'd make a post as the SP Tarkov communities latest release lines up with everyone's current game-files at

which means now is a great time to play Tarkov in singleplayer if you hate de-sync, uncontrollable deaths, ect.

so, as a primer, the way this generally works is that you run your own local server, and then a custom launcher to play on that server, so mostly everything works, even the flea market (you can't sell anything tho, but its seeded with all items). you play against and with A.I as anything that's your same faction is friendly to you, kinda like how scav runs work. there's PMC's, scavs, bosses, all that. also, emu-tarkov and SP Tarkov are 2 separate projects, emu Tarkov is more behind but has an active Discord. SP Tarkov is where the magic happens, but provides ZERO support. so pick your poison.

that said, SP Tarkov is literally the most fun I've ever had in EFT, and I've played EFT on and off since the very first alpha release.

ok, with that primer out of the way, here's what you're gonna do:

Step1: backup your Tarkov game files. the current SP tarkov release requires 12.7.9018

to find your local gamefiles, go to "settings" in the tarkov BSG launcher and scroll down to game directory (mines custom). copy this folder, and make a second copy and compress it into a zip archive (this is to foolproof yourself from updates and failed installs)

Step 2: go to

scroll down to SPT-AKI Alpha R2, its the current SP tarkov release, follow the instructions, download the server and modules. your gonna paste both the server and module files into your COPIED tarkov game files folder. there will be a couple of overwrites (this is why you make a hard zip archive incase this messes up)

Step 3 : launch the server THEN the launcher module.

Step 4: Cry. it immediately crashes and gives a bunch of exception errors right? yea. i spent hours figuring this out because Senko provides zero support. ZERO. i love your work Senko, but you need a discord server.

Step 5: go to

yes, its the same dev, he's got 2 websites. follow the instructions for "launcher closes as soon as it opens". the launcher needs all those dll's copied to the root folder in order to launch.

Step 6: create an "account" once the launcher works. its local to your harddrive and run by your server, so pick a username, any password (weaker the better, its offline), and choose your supporter pack.

TL;DR: is up-to date with current game files, now's the time to play Single player Tarkov.


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