Pro Tip: If you’re using wireless headphones and are struggling to hear players, stop using your headphones wirelessly

Not sure why it works because I'm not an audio technician, but for the 1+ year I've had this headset (Logitech G935) I've always struggled to pinpoint players in the games I play, direction audio was always fucked and when playing tarkov I couldn't even hear players 2 feet behind me whereas my teammates could literally hear people at 20x the range that I could and pinpoint them perfectly

So a couple days ago I got annoyed with it and googled why I couldn't hear footsteps and found a thread where someone told me to connect my headset to my PC via 3.5MM jack and to stop using it wirelessly and the difference is night and day

I can hear footsteps, reloads, any movement a player nearby makes I can actually hear it and I can pinpoint it almost perfectly (par tarkov shenanigans), I tried using them wired in CSGO too and even there my directional audio is ridiculously good now

It just seems to remove any filtering your headsets software or whatever does and turns your GAMING HEADSET PEW PEW into just a regular stereo headset and the difference is fucking crazy I feel I can actually fully enjoy EFT now that I can actually utilize the sound in the game

If you're using a wireless headset that has a 3.5MM jack and you're having a similar issue to me I highly recommend trying this out, just go into an offline factory raid with scavs enabled and just sit in the middle of the map and listen to the scavs walking around, you should be able to pinpoint their location almost perfectly

Let me know if you tried and it worked for you


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