Shturman mechanics have changed

Prior to the patch Shturman could spawn in a set number of static locations from the south west of lumber (white tent) around up to the lumber piles on the northern road. He could be farmed very easily as he usually would not move if you opened fire on him fast enough and he could reliably be found in only a few locations.

Throw all of that out the window, hunting Shturman is now much more difficult.

Observations from 7 or so offline raids, thermal equipped w/ 1x/6x scope on sling to try and nail down where these guys are spawning.

  • He can now spawn down in the lumber camp
  • His spawns are varied
  • Audio cues can trigger his guards to move/reposition
  • Shturm/Guards demonstrate decent logic now to decide whether to hold a position or to reposition
  • Guards can choose to aggressively push you
  • Shturm/Guard vision and aim is at least as cracked as it used to be
  • Shturm/Guards, when in cover, will lean/crouch peak you
  • Reports from Shturm/Guard guns will draw in curious AI Scavs from a pretty good distance
  • "Third Party" scav pathing is pretty basic from what I could observe but they OFTEN will mosey in such a way that they will aggro on you and make a lot of noise, bringing in further curious scavs.
  • Shturman's signature fire rate and accuracy has not changed

As of right now I have not found a reliable place to try and safely scope the trio. Any vantage points where you can see a good portion of the camp (excluding sniper rock) are within their vision range and if they are able to scope you, they'll open fire.

going for 25 kills is now SIGNIFICANTLY harder especially considering the tendency for 3rd party scavs to interrupt things and the inability to quietly dispatch shturman reliably will draw in other PMC's when they hear the "dinner bell" svds shots.

Good luck hunting out there.


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