Simplified Hideout Requirements Spreadsheet (based on u/DyGr’s spreadsheet)

Hi all!

A week ago, I had the idea to create a spreadsheet to keep track of the hideout expansion. After some research I found u/DyGr's Tarkov Hideout Requirements spreadsheet, which was outdated (v12.6.). Additionally, I thought it could be simplified and needed some additional features. So, I made some changes.

Here are (hopefully) all of them

  • option added to choose EFT edition (items automatically subtracted)
  • only two inputs needed
    • STASH = keep track of the number of items you have in stash (was part of MODULES)
    • MODULES = items used or not (currently you must adjust STASH after you allocated items to a module)
  • MODULES show if required modules are finished or not (required modules changes to bright green)
    • Illumination LVL1 and Security LVL1+LVL2 must be changed manually

Future plans

  • flow chart (already started, but still work in progress)
  • add possibility to track required money, loyalty status and skills

Let me know what you think and share any ideas you want to see in future versions. If you find any errors drop me a message.

Finally: Thanks u/DyGr and all others mentioned in the spreadsheet for saving me a lof of work!


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