Small update on “Mouse sensitivity: what actually affects it and why some weapons are kind of broken.”

A while ago I made a thread about mouse sens in EFT.

While it's mostly the same now, there are a few things that have changed that you may or may not want to know about.

1 – Guns with red dots and guns with iron sights (or, as I referred to them in my original thread, Tiers 2 and 3 of ADS sens) have changed places with each other in terms of ADS mouse sens. Now red dots have higher ADS sens compared to iron sights.

I'm also halfway certain that red dot ADS sens changed overall as I had to decrease it to get the same sens that I used in the last wipe or use in other FPS games. I don't know when this changed (I sure as shit know nothing changed on my end), but if you haven't noticed that you are probably fine. Unless you play other shooters, then you may want to check it out.

2 – Walther MRS reflex sight is fucked. It has different ADS sens modifier compared to other x1 red dots. I've compared it to PK-06, cobra, xps3-0, xps3-2, Eotech 552, Pillad Weaver, OKP-7, SRS-02, 1P87, HS401G5 (all of which are still equal to each other in terms of mouse sens), and MRS is approximately 25% more sensitive. There may be other x1 red dots which are fucked, but I haven't found any (I only compared it to the ones I listed because I'm lazy).

Credit for this sacred knowledge about MRS sight goes to Mr. Ricinhower, I would not have found out about it myself.

3 – These "broken" weapons that have fucked ADS sens due to lack of iron sight as a component that I wrote about in my original thread? Welcome PPSh to the family, it's the same thing – no rear sight component equals fucked ADS sens. Colt 1911 is fine though. is this western bias in guns????

So that is that. Have fun escaping.


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