Solo NVG/ Night Raids (Any Tips?)

So.. we all pay for what we get, right?

My battle buddies on here are somewhat scared of going on night raids whereas im fond of them.. i like the jump scares even if it's not from a pmc but a scav roaming thru bushes ukno.

I find myself going alone on a lot of these raids, so i was wondering if anyone had tips for solo-night-raiding?

If im lucky i get into a firefight with one person and i can confidently try and win the fight but at times there's a freakin 5man just chilling in my building.. would you recc i bring lethals for ex to flush out teams like that? Or is the better move to just not engage them.. (if my quests require pmc kills then i usually do) but i mean if im going on a loot/ or hideout specific run then in what ways can i prepare more efficiently.

Some things I've done or gotten down to help my chances at surviving these raids are:

  • Purchase darker clothing/ camo from Ragman
  • Wear a face mask
  • Bring a ton of ammo (Low pen for scavs/ High4PMC)
  • Bring water or juice in case i don't find any
  • A decent backpack
  • I grinded a bit so i think I've unlocked the parts to attach NVG to a helmet;

What do you do to prepare for a night raid, that i can maybe also incorporate in mine to help come out with a bacpack full of goodies and unscathed 🙂

Thanks yo and comment what you you'd like, no pressure to be sharing ya secrets but anythin to help a homie out would be greatly appreciated, and if i had a reddit sticker I'd give you one. OneLuv!


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