Some ways to effectively increase scav karma

After one day of painful brainstorming on figuring out how the F this system is a downward escalator,I found the solution.

This is the Guide for those already run out of car extract and Duo extract.

1.Thumb of Rule:Don’t ever PANIC SHOT
This is the first thing you have to keep in mind,even death is ok in this karma.One panic shot might get you a day for regaining karma.

As most of my karma gain is in Factory,I take Factory as an example.Usually I spawn at 15~10 minutes left,if I spawn at Medical tent site,I rush to the nearest underground and camp a while at bunker door extract.If there is PMC gunshots(Suppressed weapon,MP7 etc.),try to ambush him.Most of the time they will fight in Office Building.

3.Gain information before you shoot.
Either peek,or get a sight from far away.In Factory,gets to the high ground is key.Figured out where the PMC was,what is his gear,how does he fight etc.

4.Don’t fight PMC in close range.
As the wipe progress,most of the time PMC gonna our gear your scav.If you don’t spawn with good ammo,
(.366 AP,7.62×39 PS/BP,5.56×45 M855,7.62×51 TPZ/BPZ)
Most likely gonna lose the fight in close range.
Take advantage of distance,since you can shoot and take cover(if he pushes you,just run and find a better position),try to land a headshot.

5.Make a plan depends on your gear.(Leg Meta is a thing)
As an example
If you have kedr,you can kill PMC in face shot or leg meta.
If you have an AKM,you can pen a class five armor in 5 shots,goes for a cqb once you confirm it’s a PMC.
Still,Ambush is better.

6.Gain advantage with AI scav.
You can ask them to follow using the “come” gesture.
Not only this,use them to figure out where is the enemy.They will scream some special lines when they see an enemy,see where they are pointing or just use them as a bait for the PMC/Rogue Scav to kill and loot.

7.Goes to reserve when you have a sniper scope.
Most of the time spawning at reserve will still have 25+minutes,goes straight to the red scout tower near the train extract.Camp there and wait for somebody to power the hermetic door(you can pull it yourself either,just a 3minute distance).Watch those raiders,Guard them.
If a scav can’t resist the gear whispering in their mind,wait till he commited the crime and snipe his head with a grateful heart.

Special Bonus,if a rogue scav is looting in a distance and you don’t have the confidence to headshot them,shoot their legs,most of them don’t have painkillers.They will stands up as a standing target.

Ways to increase the karma with trio or duo

As a duo
A kills a raider,B kills him.Free karma in 10 minutes.
Other maps
A shoots a player scav in his leg,let the player scav kills him,B revenge.Free karma in 10 minutes.

As a trio
A kills a raider,B kills a raider.C kills all of them.
+0.02 in ten minutes.
Other maps
A shoots B,B shoots A.A or B kills the other one.C kills the last of them.Free karma in 10 minutes.

Might update some different strategies depends on gear if most of you needs it,but I’m hungry now.

Good Luck as a SCAV.


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