The Ultimate Noobs Cheat Sheet for Ammo – Lists the top types to KEEP when you’re starting off to quickly manage ammo and that stash space.

I love the detail that has gone into weapons, armor, and ammo, but being only level 5 it's a lot to take in when the game is filled with so many nuances (as an RPG should). I'm sure I'll dive deep into ammo and all of that soon, but for the short term I needed a quick reference to tell me what ammo to KEEP as my small stash management is cutting into my raid time.

I took the awesomely detailed spreadsheet below and made a quick sheet for me to reference. Right or wrong, it's based off of Armor Effectiveness (it's the only logical and easy way I could sort it). I summed up the armor effectiveness numbers for each type of round, then ranked the top half of each type to create a cheat sheet. Probably not perfect math, but it'll get me started. If there's interest I can post it to download.

Initial Resource


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