Tips for newer players that are down about dying so much!

First of all, Tarkov is a hardcore game and you’re going to die… a lot. If you can’t handle that, I respectfully recommend another game.

I have been playing for about 3 and a half weeks, but I’ve pumped over 180 hours into the game as a solo and in various group sizes. When I got upset or felt like I was in a rut I did some of these things to brighten my experience.

1- Play for kills. Don’t even think about extracting until you’re 10 Scavs and 2 PMCs deep on the kill feed. Loot along the way, but don’t make it a primary objective. If you focus on killing and combat, you level quicker than looting and extracting with 1 or 2 scav kills! It will feel rewarding when you’re pulling 5k+ xp raids even if you die.

2- Scav on interchange or reserve. These two maps have tremendous loot AND awesome combat potential. Wanna leave the AI alone and loot up to buy gear for your next kill focused raid? GREAT! Wanna kill every scav and player in sight with your scoped vepr hunter and class 4 armor? AWESOME!

3- Offline mode. This is great for exploring a map with no ai or players and getting a feel for loot spawns and extracts. It’s also a great warm up if you’re on horde mode and wanna mow some Scavs down with that kitted M4 your level 40 buddy dropped for you that you’re too scared to lose.

4- Use your gear. Don’t let it sit and look pretty in your stash for weeks, use that gen 4 armor you snagged in a scav run! Take that M700 and try your hand at sniping! Letting a piece of equipment sit in your stash for weeks is worse than losing it… because you eventually will lose it.

5- Play your way! Who cares what Pestily said in his latest video? Who cares that Shroud killed 10 scav bosses in one raid on stream? If you wanna be a sneaky breeki or wanna sprint around the map like its CoD, then do it! Also, if you play with friends, I recommend friends that will not mind your play style and play the same way!

Tips from a humble noob to have more fun,

  • Croc 🐊


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