TL;DR M4 / TX-15 / ADAR Modding Lowest Recoil

Preface: Recoil > Ergo / Weight. The TX-15, M4, and ADAR builds are the same. This is a resource for me primarily and a resource for the community secondarily. So no, I wont do ergo or weight builds. I'm planning to incorporate all the modding guides this wipe into one long meta post discussing the ammo / gun economy to rationalize the price to performance for all the guns in the game. I'll be discussing economy builds there.



Barrel: 370mm / long M4 barrel [Peacekeeper 3] (or 408mm / adar barrel if you don't care about ergo [Skier 2])

Upper: MUR-1S [ Peacekeeper 4 ]

Handguard: SAI 14.5" QD with a jailbreak [Skier 4] and a 4.1" mlok guide rail [Mechanic 2]

Muzzle Break: Bulletec ST-6012 [Mechanic 4] (yes you can put this on with a jailbreak. No you can't use a CQB instead)

Stock : HK E1 [Peacekeeper 4] (or MFT BUS if you don't car about ergo)

Buffer Tube: Advanced Buffer Tube [ Mechanic 4 ] (red one has more accuracy because *grunt* red make good *hits ground with hatchet* )

Optic: Cobra EKP-8-18 [Prapor 2] (yes this reduces recoil, no I don't know why)

Foregrip: RK-2 [Skier 4]

Pistol Grip: HK Ergo PSG-1 [Mechanic 4] (only for ergo)

Charging Handle: Raptor [ Mechanic 3 ] (only for ego)

Gas Block: Low Profile [peacekeeper 3 or mechanic 2]

Magazine: TROY Battlemag for 30s [mechanic 4] (the quad stack 60 has more ergo than the drum 60)


Final Stats as of 11/27 with no magazine

Vertical Recoil

M4: 31

ADAR: 31

TX-15: 29

Horizontal Recoil

M4: 85

ADAR: 85

TX-15: 80


M4: 82

ADAR: 82

TX-15: 84


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