Valheim PVP Clan Game Server

Done everything in the base game and looking for some new form of endgame? Don't look any further!

VSC Valheim Plus ClanGame ist currently the most popular PVP server in europe. There are 5 clans which bases are distributed all over the map with the occasional epic battle taking place while exploring the world or by conquering bases of hostile clans. There is either the option to join one of the exisiting clans or creating your own clan if you come with a group of friends. You can also participate on one of the many events taking place 2x per week, with additional surprise events to claim epic loot.

The admins are really fair and do their best to constantly balance out everything. They also have their ways to prevent cheating and griefing activities.

I personally had 200 hours playtime in vanilla Valheim and have to say that the fun raised exponentially after joining this server, on my way to another 200 hours!

If you are interested, PM me and I'll give you the discord link.


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