What if the Corpserun Buff was Proximity Based

When you recover items from your grave you get the Corpse Run buff. Which reduces damage taken, allowing you to grab and flee with a better chance of not immediately dying before you can re-equip.

But it doesn't always work well, as often just getting to your corpse without being hit by an arrow or javelin is a challenge. Often, you're better off relying on friends to kill everything in the area or just equipping back-up gear. In both cases, you don't need the buff as every is largely dead by the time you reach your grave.

What if the buff was an aura around the grave? When you get within X meters of the grave you get the buff, giving you a better chance of reaching your stuff and getting away while solo and/or naked. It could be paired with a damage debuff to prevent the exploit of littering the boss spawn with empty graves.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mts3ym/what_if_the_corpserun_buff_was_proximity_based/

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