What the “difficulty” tag actually means.

So I just saw a comment chain in this post giving a whole bunch of different meanings to that tag, none of which (of the ones that I saw obv) are true, so I decided to clear up any confusion regarding this.

In short, it's dependent on how your level compares to the average player level for that map, specifically:

  • If your level is more than 20 levels above average – "Breeze"
  • If it's 10 (excluding 10) to 20 (inclusive) levels above average – "Easy"
  • 0 (exclusive) to 10 (inclusive) levels above – "Normal"
  • Equal or up to 15 (excluding 15) levels below – "Hard"
  • 15 or more levels below average – "Insane"

If you're interested, here's the code snippet that controls this part:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lcbigy/what_the_difficulty_tag_actually_means/

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