Why can’t we use cheats on multiplayer servers? This is unfair

I'm so sick of having to boot up my singleplayer game so I can cheat in items to take onto my friends server. Can we just get cheats enabled for everyone on servers? I want to be the guy on the server that has all the best gear but I'm having to log out to cheat a lot as my friends progress… On minecraft I can use a hacked client to cheat in multiplayer because my minecraft character doesn't take items with them to other worlds, but I can't find a similar client for valheim.

I feel like this isn't fair because I really want to play with cheats and sidestep the game mechanics that other people on the server abide by, and if that's how I want to play, why should anybody be able to stop me, or have any say in that whatsoever? It's what I want and how I want to play.

Plus, shouldn't server owners know the intentions of people they invite anyway? Personally, I request resumes and check personal and professional references for any person I play games with online. This should be a standard practice because it's really the fault of the server owner if someone cheats when they aren't even taking basic steps to prevent it. You know, for not having done FBI background checks, or for not having Minority Report technology that can detect future cheating before it happens.

Just so you know how absurd the whole situation is, I logged in to the server I play on yesterday and I had to log out and cheat in better gear because one of my friends had discovered silver before me and I deserve it more than they do. They were all like, "dude, you just joined the server, how do you have full silver gear? wtf?", "bro, i thought we agreed not to cheat?", and "man, just give it a chance, if you actually play the game legit you'll realize it's pretty fun". If they don't want people to cheat they should have known I would cheat and not invite me. What's their problem?

I just can't believe I'm being treated this way when they shouldn't even care how I play the game when it doesn't even affect them. I help out on the server so much. I kill all the monsters with the awesome gear I have so they don't have to really fight anything. I hunt all their food for them and cleared all the crypts for them, solo'd all the bosses when they were offline thinking they'd be stoked at how good I am at this. I keep telling them about items before they discover them but instead of being totally stoked with me they seem annoyed. I feel like they're just mad that my way of playing is better. I guess some "friends" just aren't very supportive. smh

Anyways, please enable cheats on servers because loading up single player all the time is getting tedious.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m3s4kw/why_cant_we_use_cheats_on_multiplayer_servers/

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